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Business enterprise dynamic st 

The development process that Fuji da reach:
    The Fuji da reaches the ultra sound machine  equipments limited company, establishing in 2003 at the earliest stage, pass by four years continuously work hard the innovation development and science  technique realm of innovation, developped to become the machine equipments business enterprise that cans make various industry to produce up to now!Mainly have:Ultra sound textile industry machine equipments, high cycle skin textile industry/ ge industry machine equipments, make the dress with make the shoe industry machine equipments, toy and electronics su han machine equipments, ultra sounds to clean machine etc..Combine the formal industry and business to register to change name to in June of 2007:The cosmos Fuji of Shenzhen City reaches the machine equipments limited company.
   In November 2007 Guangzhou separately the formal nominal quotation of company establish!The address locate the biggest textile industry of China assists to anticipate to wholesale to gather to spread the center: Guangzhou City in the mountain university  center door opposite of comprehensive square E area E1188E ~ No.1189 of light fang of silver ling .
   The Fujida of the cosmos reach company is a the own the ultra sound machine equipments of many years to make the empirical joint venture.The subordinate factory profession of our company produces the Christmas decoration gift, clothing to assist to anticipate the decoration, PP material lace, dining table cloth lace, bed up the thing lace, curtain cloth lace at the same time, carry the environmental protection shopping bag, sauna dress and cure with the surgical operation dress and mouth-muffle, the sportswear mai an etc.s.
The Fuji da reach company is gather the research, development, design, produce, sell and the after-sales service is in the integral whole of the ultra sound machine equipments manufacturing business enterprise.
The Fuji reach the aim of the company is:With think originally, science and technology is outstanding, perfect.
The Fuji da reach the principle of management of the company is:The quality go to excellent, the customer is highest, serving to go to first.
The Fuji da reach the company conviction is:Because professional worthy of trust!

The detail please land the following Web address:

Head office address:Deep hui road No.561-563 of dragon gang District center city of Shenzhen City.

Divide the company address:The mountain university  center door opposite in Guangzhou City.( the light fang of the silver ling synthesizes the E area E1188 ~ E1189 number of the square)
 Contact the telephone/ fax:020-62392029 or cellular phone:15813352248

 Contact person: Mr. Liao


The sweet hint:The Chinese New Year day off period, if need the consultation please contact the telephone 13760151455, contact person:Mr. Liao Our Fujida reaches science and technology that the ultra sound machine equipments limited company absorbs to change with each passing day continuously, have with hour into, continuous innovation, work hard for to do the machine equipments manufacturing industry in advance!Did not can not do it, the asseveration that onlies have to have never thought had been becoming the Fuji to reach the employee to urge on the language! New machine equipments that release lately: Machine name: Spend a slice of already set machine Model number Types Fujida-240 Brand The Fuji reach At first place China. Shenzhen Product brief introduction Product brief introduction: A, basic parameter: 1, the importation power supply:220V 2, give or get an electric shock the hot power:500W 3, the work plank size:200mm×160mm 4, machine size:440mm×350mm×430mm 5, the machine is total and heavy:45Kg Two, apply the scope: 1, the already set of the clothing assistance material( HUA PIAN4, lace, decoration, HUA SHI4 DENG3) with correct. 2, the special material of the craft gift insets the function. Three, apply the cloth: The chemistry synthesizes to knit the fiber cloth or imply to turn to knit the blend cloth, the chemistry thin film, for example:1 Nilong cloth;2 Cloth;3 Weaving;4 T/ R cloth;5 especially many dragon cloth( poiyesterbu cloth); 6 Cloth of gold; 7 Many layer cloth;8 color D cloths;9 The cloth of dilun and various stick to match but become of pour the film paper etc.

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